Thursday 30 April 2020

A Latte and Banana-Moon

Well, well well...New Zealand is now at Alert Level 3 in its attempt to eradicate Covid-19. The strict rules our government put in place weeks ago have really helped stamp out the virus and so now it seems safe enough for more people to return to work and, for those who have long been deprived of their fast-food, they are now welcome to stand in long queues for burgers and KFC.

Let's just say that the abrupt lock-down 5 weeks ago meant that many fast-food addicts went cold turkey but now they get to eat hot chicken.

John C. admits he spent longer in the queue to purchase his bucketful of heart-clogging KFC than it took for the chicken to be killed, plucked, crumbed and fried.

I don't understand that sad kind of addiction. Sure, I like coffee. Some of you might even say that I am an addict and there is a coffee-bean of truth in that but I would never stoop to waiting for hours for a brew.

Anyway, I'd seen on Facebook that my favourite cafe, 'The Daily' was opening yesterday for take-out coffees only.  I can assure you I attempted mindful restraint as I ordered my first latte in 5 weeks.

I should perhaps have been more mindful of the see, in my excitement, I failed to notice the wooden rail blockading the front main entrance of the cafe.

All that registered in my latte-head was that a side gate was open. I thought to myself, "Oh, we are to go in that way and form an orderly Covid-19 queue for our take-out coffees...and look, I am the first one here, what were the chances of that? Hallelujah!"

I stood politely behind a strip of masking tape with the words, WAIT HERE TO BE SERVED.

The lovely Rochelle who works at 'The Daily' looked up at me after the delivery bloke departed and said, "We are not actually open until 9.30am, Bernadette".

Sensing I was about to dissolve into a puddle of tears she said, "We'll take your order though."

Bless Rochelle's beautiful heart forever and ever. I slunk out with two lattes feeling real guilty because, seeing me be served, another desperado of a woman also snuck in the side gate for her fix and so the avalanche of customers unexpectedly began.

I took one latte to a woman called Enaid, who really needed it because she has been bubbled up with her husband 24/7 for a long time now. I hope it helped.

Sipping my latte in the morning sun was sheer bliss. Life is so nice at times. I smiled as I thought of what our little 3 year-old grand-daughter asked Coss and I on video-time last night.

She wanted Oma and Opa to go outside and see if we could see the same moon that she sees in Wellington. So we did and reported back to her, "Yes, darling, we see the same moon as you! And it looks just like an up-side down banana".

Full of giggles, she put her head to pillow for a good night's sleep.

Next week I go back to work under the kiwifruit vines. Mixed feelings.

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