Wednesday 27 January 2021

Each and Every Day

This afternoon I ducked under the half-open roller-door of our car-garage only to find four frantic baby swallows dive-bombing a side window. They were bashing against the glass frantically trying to find the wide blue sky they could see out there but not fly into. 

"Over there!", I pleaded with them. "Look! The door is now wide open!"

But they couldn't see the wide open door inviting them into the sunshine, so intent were they on bashing and crashing, over and over again, into a dusty pane.

So, I grabbed a soft hand-towel and, one by one, took hold of those tiny throbbing baby birds and released them skyward where they needed to be.

"Goodbye, Basher!", I said to the first.

"Fare thee well, Crasher!", to the second.

"Good luck, little Smasher!", to the third.

"You'll be ok now, Thrasher!", I whispered to the fourth.

And each, in the blink of an eye, a soar in the sky, was gone like an arrow of joy.

Note to self - Sometimes we need another human-being to help us out. We can resist that wise, guiding hand extended out to us, but what then? We crash and bash against a hopeless window until we collapse.

Or, do we accept that sometimes we need someone else to help us find the sunshine? 

There are patches in life where all seems dark and hopeless but you and I both know that the sun does rise each and every day.

Each and every day is a new opportunity to be set free.

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