Tuesday 21 April 2020

A Scoop of Chips with that Please

Sadly, but I guess it was inevitable in a prolonged lock-down of the nation , several friends are losing the plot. One in particular - let's call her HsirT (spelled backwards to preserve her anonymity) (and safeguard her dignity) -  is now a total screwball.

Oh, give an example, you ask? Sure, here goes. Last night HsirT cooked sausages and baked up some chips in the oven. Then she wrapped up these nutritious goodies in a newspaper, put them in the car, drove around her shed three times and then pulled up at her own back-door with their takeaway order!  Her husband was thrilled to bits.

For years I thought HsirT and I were about the same level of odd, but believe me, ironic but true, lock-down has set loose all the pukekos in her top paddock.

BREAKING NEWS! Tonight Jacinda Adern, our Prime Minister, announced New Zealand is to spend one more week at Level 4, but after the 27th April, we can go out and buy takeaways again.

Well, isn't that nice? But I pity anyone in the KFC queue on 28th April, when my boss, (let's name him John C - he doesn't deserve anonymity) who has been deprived of Wicked Wings for a month now, violently elbows them all aside to get his bucketful first.

Honestly, I fear there could be broken arms and stabbings.


  1. Always a joy with my friend Einreb (coping her anonymity ) in person or with her hilarious blogs...think she was born for such a time as this..

  2. I agree with these bloggings ... they MUST be preserved for ever! This is your funniet yet Einreb x